Blog 1 – ‘Wise Passiveness’

“Wise Passiveness”- describe a moment in your own life where such a phrase might apply.

Wordsworth captures a beautiful sentiment in his poem ‘Expostulation and Reply’, in which he applies a passive and genuine human intuition and emotion connection to the universe. This poem resonated with me and expresses the underlying idea is to find ourselves and obtain wisdom and understanding and not live our lives in the pursuit of answers.

This poem emphasised the detachment from all sources of knowledge information, society and all that is man-made to open up the minds and spiritually connect with the universe, absorbing all that nature and life has to offer. 

A moment of wise passiveness for me personally is when the sunbeams with rays of light shining bright amongst the clouds vibrantly contrasting against the white and grey voluminous clouds. As the clouds break and the beautiful gold and yellow beams of light illuminate amidst the clouds lighting up the sky, igniting a sense of happiness, comfort and serenity. These unique moments connect me spiritually to my personal beliefs and kindle an emotional connection to god, nature and the beautiful earth on which we live.

A moment of wise passiveness is a source of knowledge and a deep understanding to life and nature which much be gained through genuine uninterrupted life experience and is a source of knowledge which can’t be taught or learned, nor can not be obtained from book, literature or education. It can only be acquired when one is present in the moment. It must be felt and experienced to be understood and appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Blog 1 – ‘Wise Passiveness’

  1. Hi Nancy,

    A great start to blogging this semester. Your blog was engaging and your interpretation of ‘wise passiveness’ was vivid and entertaining to read.

    I like how you began by briefly analysing Wordsworth’s ‘Expostulation and reply’ which not only links to our class content but also shows that you demonstrate a good understanding of the poem itself.

    I enjoyed reading about your moment of wise passiveness. Your description of “sunbeams with rays of light shining bright amongst the clouds vibrantly contrasting against the white and grey voluminous clouds” was beautifully vivid.

    My only piece of advice would be to read through your blog carefully before posting it, just to fix up any little spelling errors.
    Emotional instead of emotion
    That can’t instead of what can’t
    I think you have also included the word clouds once too many

    Well done!


  2. This is a great entry Nancy, passionately expressed! But there are expression issues with your sentence structure and your use of verbs and adjectives. I have suggested one change below, but there are more. You will need some help with this 🙂
    Editing Needed (and some workshop follow-ups- see Purdue Owl for help:
    *intuition and emotion connection = intuitive and emotional connection [“connection” is a noun and the two words you have chosen to qualify it are both adjectives- Check all your work using ]
    *vibrantly contrasting against= vibrantly contrast against


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